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Success Through Behavioral Change

Success Through Behavioral Change: Change Your Behavior, Environment, and Life for the Better, with This Self-Help Model

By Ralph E Saucier, Sr.
By Ralph E Saucier, Sr.

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ISBN: 0-595-40025-6
Published: Sep-2006

What is Success? What you are doing will it change the lives of others? By following a behavioral model, this personal-growth guide allows you to evaluate and learn to change your current behavior patterns to become more successful by understanding the affects of your chosen environment on your life and to have an affect of others that you contact in your life.

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Why do individuals behave and react in certain ways? In Success through Behavioral Change, author Ralph E. Saucier Sr. uses himself as an example to indicate how a change in an individual’s personal environment affects that person’s total outlook on life, personality, and ability to communicate with different groups of people. This same environmental modification can positively affect people who want to have success in life.

Written to help you understand that your behavior is the reason for where you are in life, Success through Behavioral Change explains how past, present, and future environmental influences shape the course of your life. You don’t have to merely accept your current position; you can move ahead and change your life by altering your behavioral patterns, and possibly your environment so that you can accept a situation that will enhance your vision of where you want to be.

Ralph not only directs you to other valuable resources to further develop your behavior, but also provides a guide with a working model that will show you how to achieve success.

About the Author

Ralph E. Saucier, Sr. lives in Buford, Georgia. He acquired a psychology minor from Central Connecticut State University and his master’s degree in organizational behavioral science from Hartford University, and spent most of his life in management consultant. He presently manages and owns a national internet marketing company.

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